Monday, January 31, 2011

Moments captured

I'm not sure where is this picture from, but it's so good just to look at it for the moments taken out of the randomness of a party... or maybe somebody just stayed in this restaurant for hours and took pictures of totally strange people. Few of them are quite intimate, yet vivid and full of energy. It makes me listen this song over and over again and I'm constantly reminded of the way how Carey Mulligan held her cigarette in such a cute french manner in An Education. Cliché? French romanticism? It's so lovely anyway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Spring Wardrobe Dream

Navy blue, nude colors, simple, clean desings, ready-to-wear pieces. I adore the concept of minimalism of this kind and I'd really fill my wardrobe with the pieces of clothes I saw in the 2011 spring lookbook of Steven Alan. These casual outfits must be perfect for those who like simple pieces and tend to match them in a casual, yet elegant and very feminine way.

A little inspiration for guys :)

Photos taken from the Fashion Inquisitive and the lookbook can be viewed right here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's the pattern of a fabric called music?

It must be truly eccentric that's for sure! I've closed the door and turned the music down to actually hear my thoughts. It's really hard, you know? In most of the cases we listen to music to shut the world out, but what I've noticed in the last couple of months is that I don't need to listen to something all the time. Maybe, as we grow older and older, we recognize our daily needs of silence. I carry this little piece of silence with me everyday in order to find something new that makes me excited and relaxed at the same time.
...But today I needed to listen to something that has an effect similar to that feeling when you start shaking your head to get your mind into shape again. I've suddenly found this little wake up call when I heard the first tunes of Roisin Murphy's 'Primitive'.

I admire this lady for a long time now, but I always find something new in her music, her stage presence and atmosphere that I sometimes can't get hold of. Whenever I see a live performance of Roisin Murphy (Werchter 2008 is one of the bests) I have this strange, goosebump-ish feeling of art, of music covering up every little part of your body and your skin is literally soaking in that mixture of tunes, voice, words, movement and crazy hats :) speaking of which, the outfits of this girl with the magic voice are just as her music- sometimes a little unwearable, hippi-ish, lively, sophisticated, sensual...I'd really love to go to one of her concerts.

Photos: I typed in Roisin Murphy and saved the interesting ones.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm starting to become a bigger and bigger fan of Cycle Chic blogs. Through these sites you might get a glimpse of what people wear while riding their bikes. My absolute favorites are: the original one from Copenhagen, the capital of bikes and the one from the Netherlands. I guess these blogs are more colorful and creative in style than most of the usual streetstyle blogs. (I find it really amazing how people are willing to ride their bikes even in the biggest snowstorm). I even got inspired to actually learn how to ride a bike...

Here's Susan, my little 'sis' riding her little bike in Copenhagen...

J. Crew was also inspired by the cycle chic

The last photos are from the cycle chic blogs mentioned above.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Murdoch on the Porch

Discovered some great music today...I guess I like taking a walk in the cold:)

Monday, January 3, 2011

...with a touch that takes your breath away >)

...or beautiful ideas for an upcoming photosession (?!). These photos make me think of a season I cannot really define anymore. The whole mood is so gloomy, yet playful and trashy, elegant and loose at the same time. Somehow I'm looking for this ambivalence in every picture, in every accessory or piece of clothing that I'm trying to combine with clothes of other style or mood or an idea that I accidentally get in a certain, suddenly inspirational moment (that sometimes has little to do with fashion). Does my overall mood influences the way I'm thinking about style or is it the other way around? Well, it's a new year with new (and hopefully pleasant) experiences that will certainly give birth to a new wave in the Inspiration. Perspiration. -al world of Miss Katjes.

Thank you, Sally Jane Vintage for the idea and other photos from this beautiful session can be found under the title of Babes in the Woods.