Friday, April 22, 2011

A Bagful of Layers (part 1)

Gosh, I wanted to do this post quite a while and since it’s the 100th entry, I was thinking of something more elaborate, something special. Last time I gave a little sneak peek of the photo session we did in March, the one through which I thought I just give an idea of how I imagine layering. Now, I might not say anything new to those interested in fashion, but with a careful choice of patterns/colors/styles we can create some truly tasteful outfits.

I still remember the times (and can’t help but smile) when I used as many colors and colorful accessories I could. It was a time when I listened to Bob Marley and The Doors. Fun fun times, yeah!

Though nowadays I like somewhat more reserved pieces, somehow I feel that the core is the same, I mean I still love colors (natural colors), but in another way, like in form of patterns, glimpses of little details or even different kind of fabrics put together.

There are two patterns that I think of as everlasting features of my wardrobe. The first one is floral pattern. It makes no difference if it’s spring or winter, because it’s a print that will always give a little feminine, elegantly casual flavor to your outfit. I usually choose a color as a basis (in most cases I choose black tights and a black top) and then I start adding layers-a skirt or dress with fun patterns (polka-dots, flowers, checked). I usually finish off with a unicolor blazer or jacket.

Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons for layering, since you basically have endless possibilities to merge all those layers. You do the best when you combine let’s say three colors, and of course, you can add more than that, only pay attention to the shades and always have something on that holds the whole ensemble together.

Marine-style is the ultimate hit of every spring/summer season for a while now, this is a pattern that we can’t and won’t get rid of if it’s about a casual or party gear. I have a black-white strapped H&M dress with a little detail on the shoulder, though it’s a little tight-fitting, so I’m not brave enough to wear it, only as a top with shorts and boots.

That’s for today but more is yet to come.

Photographer: dtbsz