Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorize the basics

Do you own clothes/shoes you didn't take out of the wardrobe for at least a year? You pile up a certain amount of clothes you're not particularly fond of, but still, you feel you'd better keep them until a sudden idea makes you to wear them again, maybe in a slightly different way you first thought.

From the moment I bought this pair of sandals I loved them, but last summer I just didn't really own that vintage look feeling. Anyway, I thought I'd wear them again, not only these Hush Puppies sandals, but loads of dresses/skirts/shirts I've never really worn.
Let's start a little movement here! Shake up your wardrobe! Send photos of it! Chin Chin!

photos: MissKatjes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends' Fashion from the Netherlands

Orsi has chosen the land of tulips and landmills as her home for a couple of months, she's really having a great time there. Now, I really enjoy having a sneek peek into others' wardrobe and Orsi's I think is fresh, young and vibrant, just as her personality.

Thank you, Orsi. By the way, do you remember us chasing a little earring on main street?? :))

Photos posted with the agreemet of owner

Friends' Fashion from around the World

A couple of weeks ago I asked some friends living away from home to send me a few photos of themselves with their favorite clothes on, of course in the environment they're living right now. We have Edina here, who's spending her days in Switzerland and wanders around random European cities in comfy, yet feminine and stylish outfits.

Of this picture she told me that she's wearing her favorite Benetton dress. Thank you for the pictures, Edina! :)

Photos posted with the agreement of owner.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Bagful of Layers (part 2)

I was really concerned about my wardrobe the other day…it was like I had so many clothes I wore so long ago or have never ever worn that I felt I needed to get rid of them. But such a sudden idea is essential to a fresh start upon reconsidering some pieces/reinventing certain outfits. So, after having a quarter of my ‘bigger’ wardrobe collected into old plastic bags, it suddenly occurred to me what Part 2 should tell about.

I’ve never fully enjoyed fashion shows, I mean, of course, I like new designs, the richness of beautiful fabrics and colors, but for me it’s simply impossible to implement the aspects of ‘high fashion’ into my little simple wardrobe. Now, I think that’s the essence of it- don’t try to follow fashion in a slave-ish manner, but let it inspire you to create your own style. I think this is the reason why fashion blogs are so popular right now- they’re telling secrets of a little less popularized, yet much more wearable/enjoyable style…and I’m much more inspired by them.

All in all, if you don’t know where to start the whole layering story, firstly, get rid of the clothes you’re never going to wear, invest more into specific pieces, clothes looking great in every situation, matched perfectly with a great deal of items.

As much as I love clothes, I don’t like spending too much money on them; this is why I love thrifting so much. It is such a great feeling to find something really special, something totally unique. So, besides those pieces of clothes everyone should have in stock, it’s a great idea to thrift the clothes you would actually use as layers.

Layering is a great deal of fun, because not only that you actually get your creativity trained, but you can express your style as varied as possible.

Photos: dtbsz