Thursday, January 26, 2012

MissKatjes loves Trussardi Men!

You know, I'm not that into fashion weeks, I like streetstyle / vintage blogs and lookbooks instead, where beside the ensemble you get a story, or rather something that is meant to leave you with a feeling...A pair of shoes, or a brown leather jacket has nothing in particular, but are engaged in such a beautiful photo story that you actually decide to create a similar look.
I like Fashion TV for behind the scenes stories, designers' talk and the making of various photo campaigns, but almost never men fashion shows...and still, the other night I happened to find something interesting, namely the Trussardi 2012-13 fall/winter show in Milan. 

The theme - 70s men fashion: lots of beardy models (not those 'too handsome' models, but real men), a little mixture of 70s crime television series like Starsky and Hutch in which everyone had such a funny haircut. The designer of this collection was inspired by F1 racecar drivers of this era, so that the Trussardi man is a down-to-earth chap, who has a peculiar style by being sporty and elegant at the same time.

Lots of warm colors are mixed in this collection, and all the different patterns are wonderfully completed with such little details as the gloves, bags and hats. The outfits seem so effortless that guys, please, feel free to be inspired a little.  
Somehow it reminds me of this song...


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion in Movies: The Edge of Love

I really like movies in which fashion is just a hint, it has little to do with the story, and still, it’s there, making vital part of the characters’ lives. The Edge of Love is a perfect example for such movies. Dylan Thomas, love triangle, free-spirited artistry, poems and cabaret are mixed in such an inspiring manner that you’re simply caught and twisted by this absolutely bohemian atmosphere. Though Keira is not one of my favorite actresses, she was an excellent choice for this role, they are great with Sienna. I love the photos with the two of them.

And a little remake here and there...

Own photos by: dtbsz (taken in 2010- thank you for sending them :)