Thursday, December 15, 2011

Find your layer

The last couple of weeks I've spent mostly with work and writing some articles, but not , not a single word. I guess I've tried to clear my mind, getting away a little bit from fashion...and still, I couldn't stop thrifting a few things...just for fun. Like for example, an 80s style jumper, you know, the one with huge sleeves, something like this (the first one):

Image from:

It looks fabulous paired with skinny jeans and it's really simple to accessorize, I like to wear it with a huge floral belt. The other day I was looking at photos taken a few years ago and realized how much my taste has changed all these years. I guess I like simpler things now, outfits that are not over-accessorized, but meaningful and tasteful in an effortless manner.I hate when someone takes fashion word by word, putting together an outfit from the most fashionable (?) items. They might act good put together, but this is when personality is lost within the layers. Where are YOU in this ensemble?

And this was when I came across upon the Bleubird Vintage blog written by a young mother of three digging for the seventies style. Her blog is not only about fashion, but the everyday life of her family. Here are just a couple of great photos of what the family members are wearing on a typical sunny afternoon:

Images from the Bleubird blog.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Friend's Fashion: The Bijou Maker

She's making wonderful earrings since everyone deserves a little Everyday Glam. She's a huge fan of LBD's plus, she's Miss September of Miss Katjes' streetstyle category :)

And some of her works:

Photos by Vilmos Varga

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wandering Fashion Plantation

Fall was amazing so far and it was such a great idea to do a little spontaneous photo session the other day. Since it’s not that foggy as one would expect in late September, all the layers, cardigans, thick stockings are patiently waiting in the wardrobe. But still, trousers get longer, sandals give place to shoes (espadrilles are my big favorite right now) and a light pullover or a scarf would keep you warm in the chilly mornings. And then there are those happy, sunny, funny afternoons, when there’s no better thing in the world but a walk barefoot in the park.

Vilmos Varga! Thank you so much for the wonderful photos!!:* Thank you TML!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friends, Fashion: Barcelona

Susan on an adventurous trip to Barcelona.

:* can't wait to see you, sis'!!!

photos: B.B.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Inspiration. Innovation. A style algorythm

The last couple of weeks I’ve spent with deliberately refusing to visit any of my bookmarked fashion favorites. I guess I needed to clear and shake up things a little bit in order to get going and create new ideas, dreams of new looks. I find so many blogs / sites day by day, see so many little details leading to a blurry imagery that is colorful and creative enough to deal with, and still, so overwhelmingly detailed that it makes you a little confused. Well, Winston Churchill said that “All great things are simple, and many can be expressed in single words.” So I guess this is how we should take fashion- keep things simple and apply only a tiny bit of extremity to it.

Nowadays, for example, I enjoy watching promotional fashion videos of a brand (like the recently mentioned Free People), while there you get not only the dress in its plainness, but a very pleasant impression. I believe that when a dress is placed in the corresponding environment, its impact is somehow magnified.

Some online boutiques applied this idea to their promotional campaigns by creating look books for each season/ several look books for one season. One of my favorites is Ruche. I love their vintage-modern concept, detailed, yet simple designs. Look at the Ruche website and you’re going to find look books, beautiful photos and a blog, a collection of everything that inspires the creators of Ruche.

Looking forward to their fall/winter collection.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To you, lace-dress girl!

To the boho-ness in our hearts, because we never tend to let go, to let it fade.

photo from:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Friends' Fashion: A wedding outfit

While summer is a time for swinging skirts, perky little dresses and colorful accessories, it is a time when we're invited to weddings as well. A wedding is an great opportunity to wear our meticulously chosen, elegant dress, to find the best accessories and to choose the excellent hairdo that lasts all night long.
Now, this is Timi's latest wedding look:

Dress, bag, necklace: Stradivarius
Blazer: Zara
Sandals: Tamaris
Flower: Bijou Brigitte
Earring: Orsay
Watch: Fossil

photos provided by Timi

(I love the dress)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friends' Fashion: The hairstylist

Not only she works great with scissors, but she's a modern time diva as well. Yepp, this is Kinga and her lovely little polka dotted dress. The whole ensemble is so nu jazz that it instantly gives me the vibe to listen to a little Waldeck...or Parov. I think girls should wear dresses and skirts more often....way more often.

Photos: Kinga handed them to me...and if you're speaker of the Hungarian language, you can read her blog by clicking just right here.

Wow, this is Waldeck indeed!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love will only do it

It is when you have sunlight on top, raindrops in the middle and dusk down here (I've intentionally avoided the word twilight). Melanie's such an expressive singer, as if a whole love-story would be written on her face. It's such a powerful performance that I can't stop listening to it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tingles down the spine

Updates coming soon, until then whistling day and night (let it out, let it out=).
P.S. Listen to the song!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorize the basics

Do you own clothes/shoes you didn't take out of the wardrobe for at least a year? You pile up a certain amount of clothes you're not particularly fond of, but still, you feel you'd better keep them until a sudden idea makes you to wear them again, maybe in a slightly different way you first thought.

From the moment I bought this pair of sandals I loved them, but last summer I just didn't really own that vintage look feeling. Anyway, I thought I'd wear them again, not only these Hush Puppies sandals, but loads of dresses/skirts/shirts I've never really worn.
Let's start a little movement here! Shake up your wardrobe! Send photos of it! Chin Chin!

photos: MissKatjes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends' Fashion from the Netherlands

Orsi has chosen the land of tulips and landmills as her home for a couple of months, she's really having a great time there. Now, I really enjoy having a sneek peek into others' wardrobe and Orsi's I think is fresh, young and vibrant, just as her personality.

Thank you, Orsi. By the way, do you remember us chasing a little earring on main street?? :))

Photos posted with the agreemet of owner