Thursday, January 7, 2010


I must say I always showed some kind of inclination towards Hungarian folk music. I still remember those songs we heard and sang so many times at school (by the way I listened to rock music back then). Anyway, the point is that I, as an amateur music lover/listener/critic, gladly observed that there's a serious underground part of the Hungarian musical scene which seems to be more and more inspired by Folk music. Some of the bands (who knows, maybe influenced by Goran Bregovic's crazy Balkan rhythms) take little pieces out of old Folk songs and often fit them into a d'n'b-beat-dubstep environment, maybe even add a bit of trip-hop/hip hop or some Arabic tune to it. What about the result? There's a well-known and loved spread in Transylvania and bordering countries called Zakuszka in Hungarian, made of all kinds of roasted vegetables, typically served on bread (hmm, yummy!!!). Hence, we can call this phenomenon Zakuszka music, a nice mixture of lip-smacking ingredients. I have to say I adore this kind of musical experiment because for me, it expresses full deliberation, joy of music without boundaries and a beautiful scene comes to my mind: a hot summer night on a meadow, in front of a stage, a huge crowd, joyous people all around, who move as if they were in a blurred trance, like some sort of snake swaying to its master's chant. And most importantly, you have the band on stage, formed of musicians, who sometimes produce unearthly tunes with their instruments.
I'm totally aware of the fact that there are lots of sound-lovers who certainly wrote wiser, more serious studies about this kind of genre-mixtures, but now it's up to you to write down your opinion about it, and to help you, I'm going to show a song I recently discovered and impressed me very much, although I don't really like the band called Balkan Fanatik and the song is Hidegen f├║jnak a szelek (Cold winds are blowing).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Hip, hip, chin, chin!!!

Eeey, blogspot gives me an instant error, hangover as well? :D Anyway, can't say anything wise or meaningful right now, but happy happy twentyten everybody!!! Here's some great music for the first day of the year!

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