Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Anatomy of Grey

It's been a while since my last post here, but I simply couldn't put down a word about my newest fashion frenzy, since I have none of it for a while now. Or at least not as significantly as a couple of years ago. My thrift store tours are becoming less and less satisfying and at a certain point I realized that my wardrobe is full of grey shirts and cardigans and black jeans. I guess it would be quite boring to write about it, otherwise this blog would be full random posts of basically the same outfits each and every time. It's not that I don't wear any other colours and I still love patterns a lot, it all just turned into an effortless, minimal style.

Hey, have you ever heard about the wardrobe capsule? It's all about simplifying your closet to a minimum number of items that can you can mix and match in so many ways. Just think about it, how many pairs of jeans/shirts/cardigans/skirts/etc.etc. do you wear on a regular basis? Most of the time I'm the take-it-from-the-top type of person, who doesn't like to spend too much time thinking what to wear, so there are a good number of items I hardly put on. Then why keep them? You can choose your closet essentials based on the season, define the colour-combinations you prefer, you'll find so many great ideas on Pinterest.

From my side, I collect and take the old pieces to a charity store, but I know my limits and I can't be that ruthless to my closet and get rid of almost everything. A girl needs her comfort zone of the you-never-know type of pieces. Besides that, I do love shopping. I'm jut a bit more conscious about it and appreciate more quality, even if the price is higher. And if it's a little playfulness in a piece, then it's a real catch. Just like this hoodie of beautiful colours and quality fabric, a handmade piece from the wonderful Hungarian designer Bosis. It became an indispensable item during our windy stay in Copenhagen.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Inspiration, where art thou?

I remember being a student with a big appetite for all kind of novels and poems and had this crazy habit of taking notes of random words in random places, post-its were all over the place. Sometimes I've found a connection between them and created an idea that often ended in an essay that I had to prepare for a literature course. My other love, music I always considered a manifestation of some invisible power created by the performer, transmitted to the listener who consciously or unconsciously turns this energy into another kind of power ball.

And now, a few years later I listen to some of these albums, re-read a few of those books that all seemed to hide an answer to the questions I couldn't properly define, but I don't find that certainty of uniqueness anymore. I rarely find a song, a book or a pattern or a color of a fabric to inspire in such a manner as back then. Were I too young and naive? Did I just grow old of such beautiful instances? Can't tell, really. Not so long ago I moved to another city, hoping to find That triggering element that would make me rediscover the fundamental power of the creative art, but found only superficiality so far. Is this like being a grown-up? 'I prefer not to', I'll just stick to the unconventional 'aching soul'.


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

List of (un)Realizations

When I was 17 I started to write a list of realizations of that year, thinking about the biggest achievements and mistakes (of course) and another list of expectations regarding the New Year. I more or less stick to this tradition, but now, as I’m thinking about this year I realize that I might have lost my 2013 to do list somewhere. I kind of lost my appetite for fashion, music and blogging as well. Two blog posts this year? Come on, Miss Katjes shouldn’t end up like this.

I feel like I didn’t do much this year, yet I perfectly remember the very first moments and thoughts of 2013: I raised my hands, closed my eyes and danced to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony and had the impression that everything’s gonna be just fine. By letting things happen it turned out to be fine, but I know that one should put more energy into making things happen.

I’m truly grateful for the friends I’ve got to know better – LifeLovers, daydreamers, every concert sounds better with you :)

Images of the posts unwritten in 2013:

Greece seriousing on the beach

Images by Miss Katjes & friends