Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Colors of Tuscany (part 2)

Things I've loved in Italy...little details, a piece of art even on the tiniest streets all around Tuscany. It's a mixture of art, tradition and architecture that charms you instantly. The fabulous atmosphere and breathtaking sites makes you feel like you're taken on a journey beyond time.

street decor two flower pots

Michelangelo David Sculpture (copia)On tiny streets of Florence

Arno River

Firenze building

old fountain with flower pots

Miss Katjes in front of duomo

fire hydrant and flower pot

Tower with sculpture

Tiny street of Roccalbegna

Photos by: Miss Katjes

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Colors of Tuscany (part 1)

Flower pot with yellow flowers in TuscanyWindows in Tuscany and flower pot

Make the best of your travels by getting lost, intentionally making a wrong turn at the next corner...that's a golden rule for every traveler, who's determined to discover a sort of down-to-earth beauty in each place and experience a more intense personal connection with it.

Siena main square

Toscana, with its medieval towns, dreamy landscape, rocky mountains and mysterious islands, has so much beauty to offer that you never know what you'll find in the next town or at the next corner. Maybe it's just a simple flower pot or the traditional outer shutter which is everywhere and you're still so enthusiastic about it. Eating melon while walking down the path of history in Florence or choosing the wrong gate in Volterra and then getting totally lost might sound insignificant, but can easily become essential to a mind blowing Italian experience.
Square in Florence

Florence old bridge

Houses shutters flower pots in San Gimingnano

Paintings of the Tuscan landscape

Elba Island Porto
[Photos: Miss Katjes]