Thursday, December 15, 2011

Find your layer

The last couple of weeks I've spent mostly with work and writing some articles, but not , not a single word. I guess I've tried to clear my mind, getting away a little bit from fashion...and still, I couldn't stop thrifting a few things...just for fun. Like for example, an 80s style jumper, you know, the one with huge sleeves, something like this (the first one):

Image from:

It looks fabulous paired with skinny jeans and it's really simple to accessorize, I like to wear it with a huge floral belt. The other day I was looking at photos taken a few years ago and realized how much my taste has changed all these years. I guess I like simpler things now, outfits that are not over-accessorized, but meaningful and tasteful in an effortless manner.I hate when someone takes fashion word by word, putting together an outfit from the most fashionable (?) items. They might act good put together, but this is when personality is lost within the layers. Where are YOU in this ensemble?

And this was when I came across upon the Bleubird Vintage blog written by a young mother of three digging for the seventies style. Her blog is not only about fashion, but the everyday life of her family. Here are just a couple of great photos of what the family members are wearing on a typical sunny afternoon:

Images from the Bleubird blog.