Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The anatomy of patterns – the way Miss Katjes would mix them

Have you ever thought about playing with patterns a bit? Not in a freaky, grandma way, but really having the guts to put different patterns together within the same outfit. If you don't pay attention to the little details, it might turn out tricky, so better use it carefully. How to do it? Just look up your wardrobe and select a set of patterned pieces - polka dots, stripes, animal prints, checks, floral prints and basically whatever you find in there. Now, by looking at these pieces, you would try and find the style: will it be an outfit for the office? Are you having a meeting with the girls or you're into a more elegant look? Try to decide by paying attention to the fabrics as well - you don't want to look like someone who put on whatever she found in the closet.

Have a concept and keep it simple

Choose a basic color combination, but avoid adding too many, too different colors, otherwise it would distract from the little details of your ensemble. Combine shades that complete each other and emphasize the main piece of the outfit, as on the image under: the skirt has a smooth pattern with small leaves and matches in color with the green blouse and the dark blue pattern of the floral cardigan. The eyes are driven to this piece for the huge floral pattern. The outfit would be complete even without the cardigan, the pink polka dot belt just adds more playfulness to the whole image. Even though there are lots of patterns and colors combined here, I don't have the impression that it's too much, but it's something flirty and elegant and it creates such a unique and stylish look.

Lots of colors and patterns within one outfit

A more simple example is this outfit that mixes vertical stripes with polka dots. The base color for the bottom part is a dark one, while the colors of the dots are harmonizing with the upper part, which involves lighter colors. This comfy outfit is ideal for shopping or having a beer at your favorite garden pub.

Stripes and polka dots

I can totally imagine wearing an outfit like this at the office. Although, it's the usual black & white combination, you can't call it boring at all. It's a perfect example that stripes and polka dots can look so good together, while the gold accessories make the look complete.

Dots and stripes with gold accessories

A more "everyday" version of this previous look is this black+white+grey combination perfect for school, office or for going to the movies. If you're just about to start mixing some prints, it's a good choice to begin with something like this.

Horizontal stripes with dots

Be careful with the floral + floral match because what I've written about matching the colors here is even more true: do not choose the same basic color for the bottom and the upper part, unless you'd like to look like someone who pulled on her pyjamas. Moreover, if you choose a blouse with large floral prints, the skirt or shorts should be more simple with smaller patterns. In this case the brown belt makes a good transition between the two parts.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Story of a Floral Friday at the Office

It was around Women's Day when it suddenly hit me: we should totally do something fun and girly at the office and as this winter was so annoyingly long and grumpy, I wanted to see flowers everywhere. I thought it would be fun to have a day when the girls at the office wear something spring-ish, but I didn't want to send a circular email, I've done an anonymous poster instead that I've placed in the ladies' restroom at every floor in the building. The whole idea was to do it in a flashmob-kind-of-way to make it more interesting and to see if people are really willing to participate. It was hard not to tell anyone, but funny on the other hand to hear the girls speaking about it, guessing who's the secret organizer.
I can tell you that the Floral Friday was a success with lots of floral dresses, shirts, bags, shoes and accessories and with the next week Spring and good weather has finally arrived.

Thank you girls, you are awesome :)

Photos by: Miss_Katjes & Opreblu