Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Anatomy of Grey

It's been a while since my last post here, but I simply couldn't put down a word about my newest fashion frenzy, since I have none of it for a while now. Or at least not as significantly as a couple of years ago. My thrift store tours are becoming less and less satisfying and at a certain point I realized that my wardrobe is full of grey shirts and cardigans and black jeans. I guess it would be quite boring to write about it, otherwise this blog would be full random posts of basically the same outfits each and every time. It's not that I don't wear any other colours and I still love patterns a lot, it all just turned into an effortless, minimal style.

Hey, have you ever heard about the wardrobe capsule? It's all about simplifying your closet to a minimum number of items that can you can mix and match in so many ways. Just think about it, how many pairs of jeans/shirts/cardigans/skirts/etc.etc. do you wear on a regular basis? Most of the time I'm the take-it-from-the-top type of person, who doesn't like to spend too much time thinking what to wear, so there are a good number of items I hardly put on. Then why keep them? You can choose your closet essentials based on the season, define the colour-combinations you prefer, you'll find so many great ideas on Pinterest.

From my side, I collect and take the old pieces to a charity store, but I know my limits and I can't be that ruthless to my closet and get rid of almost everything. A girl needs her comfort zone of the you-never-know type of pieces. Besides that, I do love shopping. I'm jut a bit more conscious about it and appreciate more quality, even if the price is higher. And if it's a little playfulness in a piece, then it's a real catch. Just like this hoodie of beautiful colours and quality fabric, a handmade piece from the wonderful Hungarian designer Bosis. It became an indispensable item during our windy stay in Copenhagen.